Competent Leader Evaluator

Before the meeting begins:

Retrieve the manuals for those fulfilling roles on the agenda from the locked cabinet inside the boardroom (located near the front of the room on the right side). If the chair has not yet unlocked the cabinet, ask the front desk for the key to the cabinet.  Find the corresponding projects to which the roles apply and write down feedback on how you thought they performed the role.  

During the meeting:

When the Chair announces that you are the CL Evaluator, announce that your role is to promote leadership traits through feedback on meeting roles. Inform the club members with a role that you will write down feedback in their manuals about how you thought they performed the role. 

Remember that the evaluation is your personal reaction to the role fulfilled

After the meeting:

Hand the manuals back to the members so that they can take a quick look at your feedback.  Once they have taken a look, ensure that the manuals are placed back in the cabinet.

Meetings held every Tuesday 12:15-1:30 PM

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